Appliance Maintenance: Caring for a Dryer

A good dryer should dry your clothes quickly, efficiently, and in a way that leaves them wrinkle- and lint-free. If you have any problems with your dryer, you should get appliance repair in Sterling Heights from a professional who can do a good job. However, you can avoid a lot of problems and safety issues if you know how to maintain and care for your dryer. Follow these tips to help your dryer last longer and to feel safe as you use it.

One very easy and very important way to care for your dryer is to clean out the lint trap. When lint builds up anywhere in your dryer, it becomes a serious fire hazard. Dryers have caught flame before when lint is left in the trap and it is on. Clean out your lint trap every time you run a load, and check the vents and other parts of the dryer occasionally for lint. Doing this will also help your dryer run more efficiently, because a buildup of lint stops it from drying clothes as quickly.

About once every year or two, you should clean out the duct behind the dryer. This connects the dryer to the wall and is fairly large. Debris can build up inside, which will prevent the dryer from working effectively. Find out how to remove it and use a brush or something similar to get rid of the debris. If you notice something wrong with it, you may want to get it replaced. It is a fairly easy part to replace as long as you get the right one for your model of dryer.

When you remove the duct, you can take advantage of that time to also clean the vent. This is the vent in the wall that the duct connects to. Use a brush to clean out the inside of it and get rid of any debris or lint. The clearer the vent is, the more effectively the dryer can work. Make sure you pull the debris back out rather than pushing it in further.

If you notice your dryer making any odd noises or that it is not drying as effectively as it used to, you may need appliance repair in Sterling Heights. A professional can look at your dryer and determine what is wrong with it. They will decide how to fix it or whether it would be better to replace the dryer altogether.


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What an Online Concierge Is and Why You Need One

So, you have heard about the technology of an online concierge assistant, but you aren’t really sure what that technology is and how it may benefit you. First off, you need to understand what a concierge is before you can understand the technology. Read on to learn more about a concierge as well as the technology associated with this type of product.

Concierge Service

The profession of concierge dates back hundreds of years to medieval times. The scope of industries where the services of a concierge are used includes everything from hospitals to hotels and everything in between. The duties of a live concierge include being your contact person for any accommodations, reservations, or recommendations you require. Your concierge is basically your personal assistant, your butler, and knowledge source all rolled into one.


So, now that you know what a concierge is, you need to understand how technology has grown and developed overall, and then finally you will learn how these two realms of the world come together perfectly. With the technology available today, a computer is in every smart phone out there. These cell phones use software to determine location, collect data for a personalized experience, and so much more. It is, overall, a very personalized experience.


Once you combine the services of a concierge with the technology available, you get an online concierge assistant. It is like combining the sweet, tart taste of lemons with the berry-bursting taste of raspberries to get fabulously delicious raspberry lemonade. You can download an app which will give you everything you need from directions to the lemonade stand, to help booking a plane ticket, or step-by-step directions on how to register for your advanced learning classes. Because of the progressive technology used for these assistants, the more you use the services the more ‘smart’ and personalized the technology becomes. Your privacy and personal information are of paramount concern to your online concierge provider, so you don’t have to worry about a breach of confidentiality as you use these services. With this budding technology, you will have the best of a personal assistant while using technology.


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