Answered Prayers

One of the things that I have been praying for these past few months is to have a stable online job. I have actually been working on becoming a Virtual Assistant during the latter part of 2014 but because our house burned down last December, I wasn’t able to pursue it and finish the course that I enrolled in on time.

When we were able to settle down a couple of months since then, I was able to enrol in some classes again and joined some online webinars to refresh my knowledge on being a VA. I have also started applying to some gigs online and although getting a job is not easy especially for a newbie like me, I was very persistent and applied to as many jobs as I can. I have also been praying a lot about it since I really want to have a steady source of income and I have always wanted to have a career as an online freelancer.

There were actually a couple of delays that prevented me to finally apply for an online job, including saving enough funds for a wired internet connection and having a new computer that I can use, but I believe that as long as you work hard and you pray hard, everything will fall into place. I was able to save the funds I need for the installation fee that our internet service provider requires (through the writing gigs that I was able to get) and my brother gave me his laptop. He also gave me his old headset, which I also need for my new online job. Although I may have to save for a new wireless headset, I can still use what he gave me for now.

I am really excited about my new job as a Virtual Assistant and I am blessed to have a great client who is so satisfied with my first week of work that he actually doubled the time he has allotted for me to work each week. I do hope that  will continue to work for him for a long time and that I may be able to find other clients so that I can also double my earnings.

This has indeed been a great year despite what happened and all the struggles, and I can’t wait for the coming year. I’m sure that it’ll be a another year full of blessings for the whole family.

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