Essential Guitar Accessories

After the exciting but somewhat overwhelming experience of choosing your first guitar, your next concern would have to be buying guitar accessories. These guitar accessories are important to every guitar player and you must have them with you every time you play your guitar.

Among the essential guitar accessories are:

• Guitar picks – They are the most commonly used guitar accessory that every guitar player should invest in. They come in different sizes, colors and thickness. There are stores that offer a wide variety of them such as the excellent dimarzio area prewired pickguards at musicians friend. It is advisable that you buy a few of them. The very thin ones are best in helping you learn how to strum well while those with medium thickness are ideal when learning how to play notes individually.

• Strings – Having spare strings can save you from a lot of stress especially when you need to play your guitar for a performance. It is important that you know how to replace your guitar strings on your own.

• Tuner – Tuning aids such as electronic tuners and tuning fork provide a quick and precise way of keeping your guitar in tune. Choose those that are suitable for the type of guitar that you have.

• Straps and guitar case – Guitar straps help prevent your shoulders from getting sore especially if you’re using a slightly heavy guitar while a sturdy case does not only protect your guitar from unnecessary damage but it also allows you to conveniently carry your guitar with you when you travel.

Other important guitar accessories include music stand, slide, display folder and the capo. Knowing how to choose the right ones does not only make you enjoy your guitar more but more importantly, help you enhance your guitar playing skills.


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