Why This New School Year Is Special For Us


A new school year officially started for my kids a little over two weeks ago. Although it was quite hard to adjust to a new schedule (especially about the part of having to wake up before 5a.m), but I think we’re doing ok. This school year is different and special for the kids because my eldest is a senior now and my youngest is now in junior high. That means we’re going to have a college student next school year ! I can’t believe how fast time flies. I guess when we hear other’s say that ‘children grow up too fast’, they are stating a fact. I  can still remember when our youngest graduated from pre-school !

Here’s a photo of our youngest when he graduated form pre-school and another photo taken on his first day at junior high: (I don’t have a current photo of my eldest because he is at this stage when he doesn’t want to have his photo taken. Go figure)



March 2006


June 2012

Have a blessed week ahead everyone !

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