Of Stormy Days and Trying Times


For someone like me who has lived her whole life in the Philippines, being able to go through the rainy season and doing what needs to be done even when it’s raining very hard is a ‘skill’ that one is able to perfect as years pass. When I was still a student, a raincoat and an umbrella (and slippers, too!) are necessities that should be on my school bag almost everyday. Arriving home soaking wet is also ‘normal’.

These past two weeks are no different; it has been raining almost everyday, but this time its my children who have to experience what its like to go to school as they struggle to make sure that they are protected from the rain and the heavy winds while they carry their heavy backpacks. School has been suspended twice last week and this week, they have only been to school once. If you have been keeping tabs on the latest news about the Philippines, most of Metro Manila and its nearby provinces have been submerged in flood waters since Tuesday. There hasn’t been a final estimate on the damage to properties yet. There are those who, unfortunately, lost their lives during this terrible tragedy. There have been various cities and provinces, including where we live, that have been placed under the state of calamity. Rescue and relief efforts are still going on. We still consider ourselves fortunate because our area wasn’t flooded (although I have heard that nearby barangays haven’t been as lucky) and we still  have a steady supply of drinking water and electricity.

Let me share with you some of things that have been happening here in our modest household these past couple of days:

* I woke up a bit worried early Tuesday morning because it has been raining throughout the previous night and I’m worried that my kids have to go to school even if it’s raining very hard. Good thing I was able to turn on the TV and that’s when I found out that classes have been suspended.

*Midday, we learned about the extent of the damage that was brought about by the incessant rains through the news reports on TV. I was online most of the day, trying to get updated on the latest news and sending messages online to friends and relatives to find out if they’re ok.

* Twitter has been very helpful because I would get instant updates and official announcements from government agencies particularly about storm signal warnings and class suspensions.

* Facebook has been very useful in keeping in touch with friends and relatives.

* I would actually wince every time heavy rains would start again after ceasing for just a few minutes. I can only imagine the trauma flood victims may be feeling every time it rains.

* Hubby and I are planning to go through our closets this evening to see which clothes can be donated; we plan to go to a nearby mall this weekend to drop off our donation.

* Internet connection hasn’t been stable, it actually took hours for me to upload and edit photos for a blog post yesterday.

* The kids, who are used to waking up at 5am, would start watching TV before 6am. Good thing they are able to find some other things that would keep them preoccupied while school is out. (My eldest is currently playing a trading card game with some of our neighbors, while my youngest is playing basketball).

* Hubby is busy fixing our roof; there is a leak on the roof of our kitchen.

* I wanted to update my blogs yesterday and be productive but because our internet connection has been unstable, I ended up just finishing one blog post.

* To keep ourselves awake Tuesday night (we stayed up until 3am), we watched a Volleyball competition on TV (it was hard to concentrate on anything actually because it has been raining very hard and we were worried about being flooded).

* The rain has stopped although it is still gloomy but still, we’re grateful to learn that the flood in some areas have subsided.

We are indeed going through trying times and as a Filipino, I would like to extend my gratitude to those who are continuously offering assistance to the victims of this tragedy. God will surely reward your selflessness. I ask that you continue to pray for the victims and for our nation as a whole.

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I Miss Reading


My online and offline life has been so busy these past few months that I haven’t had the time for my other passion – reading books. I remember when I was in high school, I could finish a Sweet Dreams pocketbook in just one sitting. I don’t even go out of my room during weekends because I prefer reading than socializing with kids my age.

One of my frustrations is that books here in our country are so expensive that one can’t help having second thoughts about having to buy an expensive book that one can finish in just a few hours. I would always end up buying second hand books because of it.


Anyway, I finally had a chance to visit the mall last week and while waiting for my husband (who had to buy some art supplies), I went to a bookstore to buy some second hand books. I wanted to buy a couple of books but I know that I won’t be able to read them right away so I ended up buying just four books (for now).

There were some books with ‘interesting’ titles, books that would surely catch anyone’s attention:

1.) Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise?

2.) How To Succeed in Heaven Without Even Trying

3.) Before Your Dog Can Eat Your Homework, First You Need To Do It

4.) How To Murder Your Mother-In-Law (I’m sure it’s fiction…lol)

5.) What If You Can Unscramble an Egg

I’m going to keep this post short because finally, I can start reading one of the books I purchased because my son is going to use the computer to research for his English homework.

Have a great week everyone and happy reading !

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Waking Up To A Treat

During weekdays (school days) I wake up at 4a.m. to prepare for my son’s breakfast and baon for school. And if I have to finish some online work the previous night, it would mean that I only get around 3-4 hours of sleep.

Last night I finished work really late so I was only able to sleep for like 3 hours. Since I do not have any pending work that is due for a couple of more hours, I decided to sleep again after my son left for school before 6a.m. I was able to sleep for another two hours.

And even if I’m still sleepy, I’m starting the day with a smile on my face because of these:

Postcards from online friends can really bring a smile to anybody’s face, wouldn’t you agree ?

I hope you’re all having a great week so far.

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