How Can I Forget Something So Important?


Every night, before I go to sleep, I have this habit making a mental note of what needs to be done the next day. It helps me prepare for how the next day would be like, especially if my tasks are going to be both physically and mentally exhausting.

And if there is also one thing that I am proud of, it is my ability to remember important dates – especially birthdays. I never forget birthdays and other important events. I can even remember the birthdays of my close friends in grade school.

Before I went to sleep last night, I remember thinking that I’m glad I do not have to wake up at four-thirty in the morning since it’s going to be the weekend and it means no school for the kiddos. (Waking up at 7am is a luxury for me). And since it’s going to be laundry day for me, I also thought of having a heavy breakfast (with the whole family, of course).

Anyway, I decided to check my emails first after breakfast, and there’s this one email that caught my attention. You know that ‘Yahoo Reminder’ emails that you receive whenever there are important occasions like birthdays? I got one this morning. So, what was in my ‘reminder’ email ? It says, “Wedding Anniversary”. Oh crap ! Wedding Anniversary ! How can I forget our own wedding anniversary ? It’s like getting a virtual smack in the head, really ! How can I forget that it’s going to be our 16th Wedding Anniversary next week? I remembered by husband’s birthday (which is 4 days away) but I forgot about our wedding anniversary. I told my husband about it and he said maybe I was just too preoccupied since I was too busy helping my son review for his final exams as well. Or maybe lack of sleep does that to you. Whatever it may be, this is the first time I have forgotten about something as important as my own wedding anniversary ( I hope it never happens again). And please, please, please, don’t even think about ‘old age’; ‘cause I just might give you a smack in the head, too…… (I’m just kidding, of course).

So, how’s your weekend so far ? I hope you did not forget something important .

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