How to Cope With An Illness

It can be incredibly stressful to be diagnosed with an illness, especially one that is life-threatening. Still, building up too much stress can put your life in even greater jeopardy. In order to keep your body in the best shape that it can be, it’s important to take your mind off things and alleviate some of that pressure from time to time. With that in mind, here are a few simple tips for anyone interested in relieving some stress to follow. While these tips can apply to virtually anyone, they’re especially worthwhile for those struggling with an illness.


Find Others Dealing With A Similar Problem

Feeling stressed or depressed can create a ripple effect throughout your personal life. Once you feel like you have no one else to turn to, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy until you really are alone. It doesn’t have to be that way though. If you can find others dealing with a similar problem to your own, then you can build off of this common ground and find that you don’t have to be alone anymore. If you’re not the type of person to regularly seek out others, then it might be worth looking into a large-scale event aimed at others like yourself.

Stay Active

Just because your body is sick doesn’t mean your motivation has to be. Physical activity can have a dramatic effect on your body and make it stronger and more resilient. Although there are plenty of posts on the subject of exercise, it’s worth mentioning that exercise has a very real impact on how the body handles stress and anxiety. Even if you can’t perform many complex movements due to your illness, even some light exercise can give your body the benefits that it craves.

While these tips won’t magically cure you, they can help you overcome any negative thoughts you might be having. Once you’ve replaced those negative thoughts with more positive ones, you might just find that you’re much stronger than you previously thought. Everyone deserves to discover their own inner strength, and you are no exception. Even if you think it’s impossible for your situation to improve, there’s no harm in at least giving these tips a shot. Whether it means you discover a new friendship, or develop a new workout routine, the rewards far outweigh any reservations you might have.

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Health and Beauty Shortcuts during the Busy Holiday Season

When you’re constantly in a hurry it’s hard to feel like you look your best, especially if you’re a fully time mommy and employee as well! Multi-tasking may seem impossible at times, especially when it’s a crazy day leading up to the holidays and you feel like you hardly have had time to breathe. Instead of feeling completely overwhelmed though, try implementing some beauty and health tricks in your daily schedule. Not only will they help you feel beautiful, but they’ll help you have some extra time for the little ones when it’s a working day and you’re having a hard time saying goodbye – being a mom is hard work!

Take Vitamins to Give Yourself More Energy –

If energy is what you need, then vitamins will certainly help! Vitamins such as vitamin C are known to give you a boost of energy, especially when you’re feeling run down and tired. Winter and lack of sunshine can also cause you to feel lethargic and not feeling your best, which is why vitamin D will help with this issue. So instead of letting the season get you down, stock up on vitamins that will help you feel better and give you a boost of energy on a daily basis when you need it the most. You also can try drinking Vitamin Water or another type of drink that implements vitamins – the more vitamins (within reason of course), the more your body will be able to handle whatever comes its way.

Do Your Hair the Night Before –

If your mornings are when you get to spend more time with the kids, especially if you work part-time, then why not style your hair at night? A night time shower after the kids have gone to bed will give you some time to yourself to rejuvenate and also will allow you to style your hair and take as long as you would like on it. After straightening or curling your hair put it into a loose ponytail and then come morning time take it out of its pony and shake out your tresses. They should look as good as new and if you have a few hair creases take out your flat iron and fix the few sections in a few minutes. This sure will beat taking a half an hour or more on your hair in the morning when you have the opportunity to spend more time with your little ones!

Pick Out Your Outfit in Advance –

Since you’re most likely helping the kids pick out their outfit for school or daycare in the morning time, why add your outfit to the mix? Instead pick out your outfit the night before so that you have time to think it over while you’re in the shower. If you love fashion you might find yourself planning out your outfit in the shower, which is perfectly fine! Figure out what you’d like to wear (shoes too!) and lay it out near your bed. Explain to your husband that your outfit needs to stay out for tomorrow in case he’s tempted to put it away.

Getting the kids ready the next morning will be a lot easier now that you are feeling energized, have already done your hair, and have a pretty ensemble all picked out! Enjoying the holiday season and spending time with your family will be a lot more feasible now thanks to great beauty and health tricks.


*Sierra is a freelance writer and blogger at her blog Ocean Dreams. She loves beauty tricks to get her through the holidays!

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Skin Irritation, Ingrown Hairs and Other Grooming Concerns

Good personal hygiene is essential not only because you want to look and feel good but most importantly because of its positive effect on your overall health. Hand washing prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria that cause different kinds of illnesses. A lot of people unknowingly spread viruses and diseases simply because they fail to wash their hands after handling something unsanitary. Regular brushing and flossing keeps our teeth, mouth and gums healthy. Trimming of nails get rid of dirt that have accumulated underneath our nails.

We all have our own grooming routine that we do each day. Although the length of time may vary, the purpose is the same – to make ourselves look and feel good and maintain a clean and healthy body.

Shaving facial hair is an important part of a man’s grooming routine. Shaving helps one have smoother facial skin and makes him look more appealing. A man applying for a job is likely to get more attention than someone who hasn’t shaved in days. Although most men are familiar with how they should shave, most of them still encounter problems every now and then.


The most common problems that men encounter whenever they shave are:

· Razor burn. This is characterized by red rashes that occur a few days after shaving. It is caused by dry shaving, applying too much pressure on the razor and shaving too fast.

· Ingrown hair. This occurs when hair strands grow back into the surface of the skin. It can sometimes be mistaken for acne because of the inflammation on the skin. One can prevent ingrown hairs by shaving carefully and by not shaving too close (don’t pull the skin while you shave).

· Nicks and Cuts. We all know what happens when we do things carelessly. The same thing applies to shaving. When you shave too fast or you are not paying attention to what you’re doing, then you’re most likely to cut your skin. This is not only unsightly but painful as well. If you are pressed for time and you need to be somewhere as soon as possible, then you can consider shaving some other time.

When it comes to our personal hygiene, be it bathing, hand washing or shaving, it is important that we invest in the proper grooming products. There are a lot of commercially available grooming products that we can choose from such as facial wash, bath soaps, shaving creams, moisturizers, hair brushes and razors. Nicks and cuts as well as skin irritation can be prevented when one avoids dull razors when shaving. I always make sure that my husband gets to use a sharp razor every time he shaves. It does not only get the job done but it also prevents cuts on his face.

Good personal hygiene also requires a certain level of commitment. You have to set aside time each day to do everything that you need to do if you want to maintain a healthy and clean body. Most grooming problems such as skin irritation and ingrown hairs can be addressed if we know what to do and we have the right tools to do them.



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for the Art of Shaving, however, all the points and views are my own.



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