Basket Ideas For Your College Student

When your child leaves for college, you might feel lonely and sad about not having him in the home. However, it’s a time when he can set sail on new adventures and earn a degree that can help to develop a career that he enjoys. While your child is away at college, you can make a care package or two to send so that he can enjoy some of the comforts of home or something besides noodles and cafeteria food all the time.

From candy gift baskets to baskets with essentials for the bathroom, you need to find a basket that is the right size before you begin packing it full. A basket without a handle is usually best to send to a college because it can fit inside a shipping box a bit better than one that does have a handle. Keep in mind that you’ll probably pay for shipping based on how much the box weighs, so try not to pack the basket too full. Sometimes, sending two smaller baskets is less expensive than sending one large one.

A candy basket is an idea if your child enjoys candy. It’s also a good gift to give if you want your child to know how sweet he is or if you want him to have something other than a pack of noodles or a sandwich to eat. This type of basket is also an option if you have a family member or friend who is in college and you want to send a cheerful gift.

Another type of basket that you can make is one for the bathroom. This would include toiletries that your child might not be able to purchase because of a lack of funds or a lack of transportation to get to a store to get what is needed. You can make a basket with shampoo, conditioner, soap and other things that are normally used in the bathroom. Check with the post office to make sure you can send liquids in the mail. Other baskets that you can make can include school supplies, things that your child might not have packed or a basket of treats to enjoy while sick.

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