Cleaning Up My Inbox

I check my email accounts regularly, in fact, I check them a couple of times a day, particularly my personal email account. I have an account that is solely for newsletters and email subscriptions to other blogs, to shops and similar companies. It usually gets over a hundred emails a day which is why I also make it a point to check it daily. My personal email account also gets a considerable amount of emails each day.

I was searching for an email from a friend this morning when I noticed that I already have over 2,000 emails in my inbox, some are dated as far back as 2009. Yes, I have emails that are over 3 years old on my inbox.  I actually don’t know why I did not delete them then, maybe I thought they were important at the time or that I may need to refer to them in the future, but I am hoping that I find time within this week to go through all of them and delete the unimportant ones. I’m sure it will take a lot time and I’m thinking that since I am also busy with other matters, I’ll just take a few minutes each day and go through a couple of them and erase emails by batch.

How about you, how often do you clean out your inbox? Do you do it regularly? Do leave a comment because I could sure use some tips.

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Packing For A Sleepover


Children love sleepovers. Whether it’s a night or two and grandma’s or it’s an overnight with a friend for fun or for a birthday, it’s their earliest adventures.

When preparing for a sleepover there are some important things to remember: begin by creating a packing list beforehand. This makes it much easier to know what you need, and what you’ve packed.


· Clothes.

o Packing for a sleepover in girls backpacks makes it more fun and also more convenient for mom and dad. A backpack is a great way to tote everything back and forth, and gives your child somewhere to keep track of all of her belongings.

o Be sure to pack comfortable pajamas, an extra pair of socks, as well as an outfit for the next day.

o If they are planning on any special activities such as going to a swimming pool; be sure to pack any items such as a swimsuit for the activity as well.

· Bring a comfortable sleeping bag and pillow.

o Though most places your child goes to sleepover will have all the necessities, it’s nice for your child to have their own things. A personal sleeping bag and their own pillow allow them to bring along a little bit of comfort from home.

o Your child may also have a special blanket they want to take. Consider this as well when packing.


· Hygiene items.

o You’ll for sure want to pack a toothbrush and toothpaste.

o Don’t forget the hairbrush and any accessories they’ll need as well.

o Remember the deodorant! There’s nothing like being away from home and realizing this important item has been forgotten.


· Consider a snack.

o While at most sleepovers the friend’s family will provide the food and snacks, it’s always nice to pack a quick snack or two in your child’s backpack. Something they can share with their friend or at least have easy access to if they didn’t eat as much as normal.


· Other personal items.

o Your child may want to bring with them a comfort item from home to sleepover too. Young children especially find it easier to spend the night away from home when they have a cuddly bear or favorite baby doll spending the night with them.

o Items to share. Does your child have a favorite movie they want to take and watch with their friend or at grandma’s house? What about a favorite music CD? These are other items you might want to help them pack to help them enjoy their stay.


Once your child is packed and ready for a night or two away from home, help them to have the best adventure possible by preparing them ahead of time for an easier transition. Talk to them in advance about what to expect. Let them know that it’s ok to call home if they get nervous or scared. Just let them know that this sleepover can be a lot of fun, and then tell them to go and enjoy it.

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