Exam Week and Simbang Gabi

The kids may already be looking forward to their vacation from school but for now, they have to deal with their exams first. Our eldest is having their finals for their 2rd term while our youngest will have his 3rd quarter exams next week. It’s a good thing that our eldest only has two exams per day which means he does not have to stress about reviewing for multiple subjects each day. Our youngest has already started looking through the pointers for review that was given to them yesterday and I’ll be helping him work out a schedule so that he will be able to review for everything this weekend. After exam week, our youngest will then prepare for their Christmas party at school while our eldest will be taking a short break then he will be busy enrolling for the third term. We may have to make a quick trip to the mall to buy gifts for his classmates.

What were also excited about this coming week is the Simbang Gabi, which is the nine-day series of masses practiced by Filipino Catholics in anticipation of Christmas. It is originally held at dawn from December 16 to December 24, as early as 3o’clock in the morning. It is said that those who are able to complete the nine-day novena mass will receive special favors and can expect their wishes to be granted. The Church has made some changes to accommodate those who want to attend the the nine-day novena mass but couldn’t do so because of other valid reasons such as conflict with their schedule at work or school. There are others, like in our case a couple of years ago, who cannot leave our homes at dawn because we have very young children to attend to. Because of this, some parishes started having anticipated Simbang Gabi mass, which are being held at night. In our case, we usually attend the 9:30 p.m. mass, which this year, will be this coming Sunday. This year will be the eight consecutive year that we’ll be attending the Simbang Gabi and we’re really looking forward to it not because we expect to receive special favors but because we see it as a blessing to be given an opportunity to hear mass together as a family and to prepare ourselves spiritually for the celebration of the birth of Christ.

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Finals Week

It’s exams week for the kids again and we have been busy reviewing since last week. It’s a good thing that they only have classes in the morning. They have time to rest after lunch time, maybe even take a nap if they want and then study in the afternoon. Our 8th grader will have his last day of exams tomorrow while our eldest will have their finals next week. After their finals, our eldest will have around two weeks of break before the second term begins.

Anyway, the weather has improved a lot and it is, I must say, something that we all welcome after last week’s torrential rain and massive flooding. September is just around the corner and I can’t believe we’re almost at the last quarter of the year. Time sure flies so fast! August has been challenging but I am still grateful for all the blessings and opportunities that have come our way. I can only pray for the best and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in the coming months.

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New School Year, New Routine

A new school year has officially started for the kids and this means that we have to adjust to a new routine every morning as well. Our eldest son’s first class starts at 7a.m. while it’s 6:30a.m. for our youngest. This means that I have to be up before 5a.m. so that I can prepare their breakfast. I also have to make sure that they get to bring the things that they need especially their umbrella since it has been raining like crazy these past couple of days. They only have classes in the morning so that means we get to eat lunch together. The kids get to rest after lunch and then we would start working on their homework.

Our eldest is in his freshman year in college and I am glad to see that he is very enthusiastic about this new stage in his life and that he is adjusting well so far. What we are having difficulty with at this stage is that our eldest son’s schedule since he has classes even during Sunday. Yup, classes on a Sunday. We go to church on Sunday mornings; we have been doing that for years now so we knew it will be difficult to adjust to a new schedule. Hearing mass as a complete family is important for us. Yes, we know that we can attend mass in the afternoon but somehow, we want to start our Sundays by hearing mass. We have been discussing about how we can go about this change when we suddenly learned just the other day that their Sunday classes have been moved in the afternoon. That means we can still go to church as a family on Sunday mornings! God is indeed great; He knows what the desires of our hearts.

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