Waiting for Their Box of Goodies

With the holidays only a couple of weeks away, the kids are excited once again because they will be receiving another box of goodies from their aunt. During the past few days, their aunt has been asking them what they need, particularly those that are for school. This includes pens and markers and USB flash drives that they can use to organize their files and lessons. Our eldest is particularly excited about the fact that their aunt will give him a laptop since he needs one for school. They are not yet required to bring one to school on their freshman year but by the time they are on their third year in college, they are expected to have their own laptop since most of their classes will involve programming and other related lessons where the actual use of computer is required. We also need another computer since there are times when both of them need to use one at the same time for their lessons (our youngest has to do Math and English exercises online which is a requirement and a part of their overall grades while our eldest has to use the computer to access some of their lessons and submit assignments online). And although my sister-in-law will be giving a computer that is of the different brand than what we are using right now (and we do love this brand), our son is still excited because what he will be getting is another trusted brand of computer. Aside from other school essentials, they also requested for new sets of headphones. They both love to listen to music during their free time and the ones that they currently have are not working properly anymore so they are requesting for new ones. Anyway, we remind our kids to be always grateful for everything and that one way of showing their appreciation is by taking good care of the things that they receive.

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So Far, So Good

I know that it has only been over a month since the kids started school again but I have to say that I am happy about how they are able to adjust well with their new schedule. They also make it a point to study every night and prepare for their lessons the next day. Our eldest had a series of long exams this week and although our weekend was spent helping him review, it was worth it because he was able to pass his exams. In fact, he got a perfect score in one of them! He was so excited to show us his test papers in his IT class. He said that in a class of over 40 students (College Algebra class), only 17 of them passed. We are proud of him, of course, we told him that, but we also told him that we are glad that he is adjusting well in college. Our youngest is also doing well, he is able to participate during class discussions and get good scores in their quizzes. He said that although their first monthly exams is not until the end of the month, he will start preparing for them as early as this week.

We still have a long way to go, and although it may mean hours of studying and preparing for exams and recitations, the kids say they are willing to work hard because they really want to do well in school. Don’t worry, though, they also have time to relax and enjoy especially during weekends; they get to play their favorite video games or watch movies or basketball games on TV. And speaking of weekends, since today’s Friday, they get to play their favorite XBox games for an hour.

Have a great weekend!

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Getting Used to a New Routine

With the start of a new school year comes a change in our daily routine. I talked about this on a previous post and so far, everything is working out well. Our day starts at 5a.m. (4:30a.m. for me) since the kids have to leave for school before 6a.m. The same goes for weekends since our eldest also has classes on Saturdays and we attend mass on Sunday mornings. Dinner has to be earlier than before since they have to be in bed by 10pm (10:30 the latest). The kids also maintain a regular schedule in doing their homework. So far, everything has been working out fine and they have been getting great results with their quizzes and they are also able to participate in their class discussions. On my part, I am able to do some online work early, usually after the kids leave for school at 6a.m. This also gives me enough time to do some chores around the house before lunch time. I just take a nap in the afternoon to catch up on my sleep. If I need to finish some online tasks, I would just attend to them after dinner. Adjusting to this new routine was a bit difficult at first especially during the first few days but I can see that the kids are making an effort to follow it and they are learning to use their time wisely. We’ll just make a few adjustments if we have to.

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