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Top Things to Do at Cape Cod Hotels

When you need an affordable vacation or quality time away with the family, most Cape Cod hotels can provide everything you are looking for and more. A majority of Cape Cod attractions are free. Simply bringing your camera and enjoying the moment is really all you need to do to enjoy your trip without breaking the bank.

Explore Cape Cod

Cape Cod is renowned for its beautiful scenery. Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are also just a short distance away, so it may be worth it to make the drive there as well. In any of these areas, you can enjoy some of the best food, wine, and beer on the East coast.

There are a variety of different tours that you can take advantage of to see more of the area in a shorter amount of time. There is everything from whale watching and fishing tours, boat tours, hiking adventures, bike tours, and so much more. Speak with the concierge at your hotel or do a quick online search to see which tours are available near your hotel.

Explore the Hotel

Part of the appeal of staying at a hotel is the hotel itself. If you are on a family or romantic vacation, consider ordering room service and spending the morning lounging in your hotel room. This is a great way to relax and re-energize yourself before you carry on with your day or Cape Cod festivities. Every hotel and inn is different, so it can be fun to explore your hotel. There may be amenities for the guests or areas that you have not yet visited, such as the gym, lobby, and/or lounge area. Part of the hotel bill is for these amenities, so you should take advantage of them.

Ask the Concierge

There are number of Cape Cod hotels to choose from, so make sure to consider the price, amenities, and services that your ideal hotel offers. The concierge or front desk is also there to provide assistance. Ask question about the area or what you should take advantage of while you are in Cape Cod. The concierge desk can make recommendations and even book appointments for you.


*This is a guest post provided to LIFE AS A WAHM for its readers.

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Organizing Your Passports and Other Travel Documents

Preparing for a trip can be both exciting and stressful especially for a family vacation. It takes more than deciding on a destination and creating an itinerary. There are also other things that you have to accomplish prior to the trip. One of the most important things that you have to have to take care of is preparing and organizing all your travel documents. Having all the necessary travel documents cannot only reduce the stress of travelling but it will allow you to focus more on enjoying your vacation. If, for instance, you need to have a passport as soon as possible, you don’t have to worry because it is now possible to get a new passport after 24 hours of applying for them. Unlike before when it would take weeks for a passport to be issued, new passports and even those that have been renewed can now be acquired within a short period of time. Applicants just have to submit all the required documents for faster processing. Application can even be made online. Applicants would then have to go to the company’s office and provide all of the necessary documents. Those who are not familiar with how they can go about applying for a passport and if they want to learn about which service provider can offer immediate processing of passports can access the internet and look for the information that they need. Aside from passports they can also have their visas and other travel documents processed.

Organize all your travel documents properly. Place them in a safe place so that you can access them easily. Not having all your travel documents in o through one place can be very stressful. Imagine having to go through the contents of your bags just to find the document that you need to present at the airport or immigration officer. It can make any traveller feel more stressed than they already are.

Once you have organized all your travel documents, make sure that you put it in your bag as soon as possible. It can sometimes be chaotic on the day of your trip and you end up forgetting the folder that contains all your travel documents because you were such in a hurry to leave your home and arrive on the airport on time.


*This is a sponsored post however, all points and views are my own.

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Portable Solar Chargers : Indispensable Tools for Travellers


Years ago, being a hands-on entrepreneur means being in your office all day, overseeing everything that’s going on with the business. This setup is not practical nowadays since there are instances when you have to go somewhere and attend to business matters outside of the office. There are times when discussing a business proposal is more productive when a personal meeting is conducted. It is a good thing that there are electronic gadgets such as the iPhone, iPad and laptops that can be used by businessmen who need to go to frequent business trips.

If you are a frequent traveler and your electronic gadgets are essential tools that can help you attend to personal and business matters even if you are on the road, you also need to invest in portable solar chargers such as the iPhone Solar Charger. A mobile phone such as the iPhone is no longer just for making and receiving phone calls but also for other purposes that can allow you to do tasks that are work related. An iPhone can be used for different purposes such as sending and retrieving important business files, browsing through business reports, accessing business files that are needed for the meeting or conference and staying in touch with your office staff even if you are travelling from one city to another, among many others.

A portable solar charger is beneficial not only to business travelers but even to those who are always on the road and those who plan to go on a long road trip. Here are some of the benefits of having your own portable solar charger when you travel:

· Indispensable gadget for frequent travelers. Having a portable solar charger gives you the peace of mind you need knowing that you have a stable source of power even if you are in a remote area where electricity is scare. You don’t have to miss an important phone call ever again because with your charger, your phone is always ready to receive calls at any time.

· Suitable for people who are always on-the-go. Have you ever been in a situation when you are already on the road when you remembered that you forgot to charge you phone the night before? It can really be frustrating especially if you know that you need to use your phone all day and there is a big possibility that it will run out of power anytime soon. You will be able to prevent similar stressful situations if you have your own portable charger.

· Convenient and easy to use. Portable solar chargers can be carried around wherever you go. They can fit your pocket or your backpack. They are also easy to use; you don’t need to be highly skilled technical wise just to be able to figure out how they work.

· Travel-friendly. They are designed to be durable and withstand extreme weather conditions. And since they are portable and lightweight, they can be placed on your travelling bag without the extra weight.

· Energy efficient. Portable solar chargers are highly energy efficient and you since you use a natural source of power, you also save on electricity.

Our family may not travel as often as others but we are still thankful for portable chargers. When we are on the road for hours, we can still keep our kids entertained because our electronic gadgets will never run out of power even if our children use them to play games for hours. We also get to keep in touch with friends and family even if we are away for days and can’t talk to them personally.


Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post for Goal Zero, however, all the points and views are my own.

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