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Give Back This Christmas


Are you ready for Christmas? Just kidding. Or maybe not? Some people are wonderful at organizing, list creating, and shopping throughout the year. Others still haven’t started – and may not start for another few weeks! We love you either way. I promise. So, if you haven’t started shopping, or still have some left to do – I have the perfect place for you to start – or finish.

Goodwill. Yes, you heard me right. Goodwill has a huge selection of gently used items that would be perfectly suited to your new repurposing project, white elephant Christmas gift, books, movies – you name it! All while keeping yourself on a thrifty budget. From furniture, picture frames, fabrics, accessories and even collectibles, they are sure to have something you are looking for! A stroll around your local store might even give you a little bit of that inspiration you need to clean out your own closets and find new fun things for yourself.

No matter where you are in your Christmas shopping, or life in general, one major reality is that there are people with disabilities and disadvantages directly in your community who need assistance. Their struggles may not be that obvious to you or to people in your immediate circle but they are there and they cannot be denied and should be be overlooked. Many of them need career counseling, on-the-job training, résumé preparation, financial planning classes, and other services. And YOU can help them easier than you may realize.

So how do you help?

Goodwill sells donated goods through more than 3,200 stores across the United States and Canada, and channels more than 85 percent of sales revenue to provide those services to people who are unemployed or underemployed. They also provide on the job training and help those who need it find jobs to better their lives.

How many of you do your shopping online? Probably at least 80% of us, right?

When you shop online this holiday season, many major retailers will send your purchase in a Give Back Box, which will enable you to donate items to your local Goodwill at no cost to you! How easy is that, seriously?

It is much easier than you think to make a difference!

Give Back Box® provides vendor services to retailers and charities, allowing each and every cardboard box a second life to help people in need. So it is also a ‘green’ solution! Reuse your online shipping boxes in which you received your purchases, or any other cardboard box you may have, to donate your unwanted household items: such as gently used clothing, shoes etc., to make a major difference in the life of another person.

This program gives every cardboard box a second life to help people in need. Some of the international partners in support of the Give Back Box are Ann Inc, Asics, Ann Taylor Loft, Overstock, Dockers, Levis, Bon Ton and These retailers are leading the way towards finding innovative solutions to widespread social and economic issues. You can see all of the participating retailers at


So, get up and get started now! People are counting on your shopping and your donations.

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Buying Wedding Dresses Online

Planning for your dream wedding can be very exciting but it can also be a stressful process especially if you are pressed for time and you feel that everything on your wedding checklist is not working out as planned. Aside from keeping a right frame of mind and being flexible to the ideas that may come your way, it is important that you are able maximize all the resources that are available to you that will allow you to make all the necessary preparations easier. Otherwise, you will end up frustrated and disappointed. It would also help if you have trusted friends and family members who can provide you with any assistance that you may need.

When it comes to choosing a wedding gown, it is important to note that nowadays, the bride-to-be is no longer limited to those that she sees in most wedding stores. Buying a wedding gown online has now become a more popular and convenient option for those who are looking or that perfect wedding dress. A reputable online shop offers a wide range of special occasion dresses, cheap wedding dresses and accessories. When you visit their website, you will see quality dresses in various style, colors, cuts, lengths and fabrics. You can also find the wedding gowns that has the latest designs and styles at affordable prices. Whenever you have to attend a special event, occasion or gathering, you are sure to find that perfect dress on their website. They have a customer friendly website that is easy to navigate so you don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed when you visit them. The dresses are categorized properly making it easier for you to find the specific dress that you are looking for. Accessories such as handbags, wedding shoes, headpieces and gloves are also available. This means that you can create the complete look that you want for that special event without having to visit multiple stores. Be on the lookout for their regular sales and discount offers on dresses and accessories if you want to get additional savings on your purchases. Visit their site today and learn how you can look perfect on your wedding day.

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Men’s Razors and Other Gifts for Men

Gift giving is easy when you’re looking for gifts for men. You just have to know how their minds work. Many men enjoy a good shave that relaxes them and doesn’t take too much time. The perfect shave is dependent on the individual. If you’re giving a gift to a man that you truly care about, you will know his personal preferences when it comes to personal grooming. The Art of Shaving men’s razors are as varied as they are functional. There is a top-quality razor available for any man. Some guys like their three-bladed inserts. Some men love the feel of a straight razor. No matter what type of shave they enjoy, you can be sure to find the right tool for the job. Electronics can also be a great gift.


Gifts for the Gaming Electronics Guru

Many men enjoy varying forms of electronics. Chances are your man enjoys computers, smart phones, tablets, and video games. Most men are natural born problem solvers. You may not enjoy his constant advice on how to fix your own problems. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to you and nod their head. If this situation sounds familiar, then a new game may be just what the doctor ordered. Enjoy untold hours of talking to your man while he is too distracted to give you any problem solving feedback. Tell him exactly how you feel and fill his head with subliminal messages of mind control while he is distracted. All diabolical mind control jokes aside, a new game can be a great gift if your man enjoys electronics.

A Gift that Will Help Him Look Professional

Have you ever looked at your man and thought “I wish he would be more mature”? This wish can come true with a sensible gift like The Art of Shaving men’s razors. A grown-up man needs a professional look. Without the right grooming strategies and supplies, your man may be doomed to walk the earth forever bearded and unkempt. Help him get his act together with a sensible tool for keeping his beard in check.


*This is a guest post provided to LIFE AS A WAHM for its readers.

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