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Weather Watch

If you have following the weather report these past few days, then you already know about super typhoon Hagupit (Ruby). For those who live in areas that will be directly affected by the typhoon especially those who have been devastated by typhoon Haiyan a little over a year ago, it can be very traumatic which is why it is important that all the necessary preparations should be made as early as possible.

I have watching the news conscientiously to make sure that we stay updated on the latest news about the typhoon, its path and its intensity. We have also made our own preparations since we learned yesterday that our area will also be affected in the coming days. All our mobile phones have been fully charged, the candles are ready and we also have food set aside that would be enough for a few days. We have also secured all our important documents just in case we have to transfer to another place (just case there our area gets flooded). Classes have been suspended here since yesterday. Our kids are supposed to have their examinations next week and they’re not sure whether it will push through as scheduled since according to news reports, the typhoon is expected to affect our area by that time. That means, classes are most likely to be suspended as well. Right now, the kids are taking the time off from all the studying (since they just had their exams two weeks ago). They don’t watch that much TV though, aside from sports (our eldest watches basketball and football matches). Our youngest is busy editing  the short videos that he made with his friends. He spends time online to look for ideas on interesting story lines for his next videos. He has actually expressed his intention of pursuing his interest in video editing and said that he may take up visual media arts in college. And since the holiday season is just a little over two weeks away, he has also been looking at gifts that he would like to receive from his aunts and uncles…lol. I am sure they are also related to his other interest, music. He plays the keyboard and he has been telling us to buy him a guitar because he also wants to learn how to play one. I told him we need to save up for it so that we can buy a quality guitar that he can use for a long time. We may even save up enough for some accessories such as guitar Fishman Pickups and other replacement parts. I told him that if he receive Christmas money from his aunts then we can add them to his savings so that we can buy him the guitar that is suitable for a beginner. Anyway, I’m glad the kids are keeping themselves busy while school is out. They still have to study for their exams though, just so they are prepared if their scheduled exams will push through next week.

Although the typhoon is expected to make its first landfall tonight, there are already areas that are experiencing heavy rains. It is good to note however, that the local government, NGOs and even international organizations are doing whatever is necessary to provide the assistance that the people may need. It’s also good that the people are cooperating, some of them are voluntarily going to the evacuation centers themselves.

I have to admit that at first I am a bit anxious about this typhoon (who wouldn’t be if you see all the news reports about it) but I know that as long as we prepare for it, we’ll be alright. Besides, there is a God, who is more powerful than any typhoon, that we know is looking after us.

I hope you’re having a great weekend and are experiencing a better weather. And please, keep the Philippines in your prayers.

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I Am a Journalist

I was browsing through Facebook yesterday when a specific post on my news feed caught my attention.  It  is about something that I have been thinking about doing for days now – keeping a journal. I was actually at a bookstore earlier that day to buy some school supplies for the kids when I saw a set of beautifully designed journals which I almost bought but didn’t since I was afraid I may end up buying every design they have…hahaha. Here’s the post I saw, by the way, which was posted by Francis Kong, a well-respected motivational speaker and author.

His post has given me the push that I needed to start writing on my journal again. It has inspired me to write again and start keeping a journal just like before. Although having a blog also allows me to do that (expressing my thoughts and emotion, that is), there is something about putting your thoughts on paper that makes it even more personal. Not only do I plan to write about our daily life but also about our successes, struggles and more importantly our dreams and goals. I have actually been keeping a gratitude journal but I haven’t really been writing as often as I wanted. I used to spend my free time browsing through different websites reading interesting articles or news reports, I wanted to limit that from now on and just focus more on important online tasks.

Anyway, this journalist is really excited about being able to write again and not just tinker on the computer keyboard all day. My handwriting has actually gotten worse since I stopped writing on my journal..haha. Oh, and  by the way, I am going back to the bookstore and buy those beautiful journals (and some new pens, of course).

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Making Progress

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I am currently working on having a stable online work. I am undergoing a seminar which will help me acquire the skills that I need for the kind of work-at-home job that I want. Aside from that, I am also taking some online classes on different computer skills that I know I will need. I am happy to say that I am making progress and that I am really learning a lot. I am working towards creating a daily schedule that will allow me to have the time to do the things that I need to do each day and make measurable progress each day.

But since it’s the weekend, I plan to take some time off so that I can spend some time with the family (they are actually looking forward to a movie marathon this weekend). I hope to be able to squeeze in some time for some reading since I still have a number of books (novels, personal development, marketing books, etc.) that I want to read. I may be able to go online at night to check my emails (and of course, facebook, heheh) and do some surfing since I want to browse some shopping sites and look for holiday gifts ideas. Speaking of which, I’ve seen some mothers rings online and they look like the perfect gift for the holidays. They have a wide variety of designs that I’m sure moms like me would love. Anyway, the holidays is still months away which means there is still enough time to pick the right gifts and of course, to save.

Have a great weekend!

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