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Four Things to Look for When Hiring a Criminal Attorney

Retaining the services of a Grand Rapids criminal attorney when you are in trouble with the law is a good idea. That decision is even more important when this is your first offense or when you have been charged with a crime and are innocent. Do not believe for one second that you know the legal system just because you watch a lot of criminal and policies shows on TV. Reality is usually quite different from the stories portrait on the screen. Do not take any chances by being cheap. It may cost you steep fines or even your freedom. When you need a defense lawyer, find one who has at least these four qualifications.

1. Years of Experience

A professional with years of experience in criminal defense representation can help clients located in Michigan and nationwide. The expert appreciates the significance of defending a client’s rights, especially those wrongfully accused. Qualified attorneys are so focused on the job that they can defend clients accused of the most serious felony offenses.

2. Excellent Reputation

With severe penalties at stake, defenders need a firm that has the means to deliver exceptional legal representation and has access to the local justice system. They can supply outstanding referrals, and anyone you ask has nothing but glowing reviews to offer.

3. Immediate Service

If you are being investigated for a crime, you need a lawyer right away. Even if you have been detained, charged with, or arrested for a minor offense, the first 24 hours can make quite a difference in how your future will develop. Anything you say or do can have a negative impact on your case. Prevent this from happening for your own sake and that of your loved ones. Hire a lawyer who will meet with you no matter what day of the week it is.

4. Free Consultation

When you were charged with a crime, the time after the accusation took place is the most important. You should not be without a legal representative. A reputable, dedicated Grand Rapids criminal attorney will meet with you for the first time free of charge. You have nothing to lose by requesting a no-cost consultation. It gives you a chance to find out if the services are affordable, and you get answers to the many questions you may have.

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How Contacting a Car Accident Lawyer Doesn’t Always Lead to Court

Sometimes accidents happen, and a person is harmed because of another person’s mistake. Sometimes individuals and insurance companies are able to provide both parties with what’s fair, but this isn’t the case as much as it should be. People or insurance companies can refuse to admit fault and/or pay up, leaving the accident victim in an awkward position. A car accident lawyer in Baltimore can help people in these dire circumstances to get what they deserve, but many times people are reluctant to go to court. If you’re under the impression that calling an attorney always leads to a long court battle, you’re wrong.


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

There are a few methods of alternative dispute resolution that are preferable to an actual trial for both individuals and their lawyers. In all of these types of dispute resolution, a neutral person (mediator, arbitrator, evaluator, or settlement officer) meets with both parties in an attempt to help them come to some agreement. Sometimes settlement conferences are even mandatory before a trial can begin. There are a number of reasons that alternative dispute resolution is better for everyone involved.


Court battles can take a year or longer from start to finish, but mediation and other types of ADR are much quicker. Whether you’re in need of the compensation now or you simply don’t want the court case hanging over your head for a year or more of your life, it can be good to get things over quickly.


By using ADR both parties can also save some money. There are all sorts of court related costs and fees that can really add up over the course of a court battle that can be avoided. With a quicker settlement, you won’t have to pay as much in attorney fees either. You also won’t have to miss any work to go to court.


By avoiding a court battle you can also maintain more control over the case. When a case goes to court, you are putting your fate into the hands of a judge. Ultimately, it is the judge who will decide what is fair, whether either party likes it or not. Using ADR, you and your lawyer can both have a say in what you think the solution should. These alternative methods of dispute resolution aren’t always possible, and that’s why we still have courts, juries, and judges, but just because you contact a car accident lawyer in Baltimore doesn’t necessarily mean a court battle.


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Increase Your Chances of Retaining Your Family Lawyer

Did you know that the turnover rates for attorneys during divorce proceedings are higher than the turnover rates in any other type of legal matters? The reason for this high rate may have many contributing factors, but the greatest factor is that many divorce attorneys lack the legal expertise and stamina to deal with certain cases, especially when it comes to family matters. When hiring a family lawyer in Miami you can avoid having an inexperienced lawyer walk away from your case by taking a few things into consideration.


Consult with friends or family members who have recently gone through a divorce. Ask them if they would recommend their attorney. Make sure that the people you ask for an attorney referral had a divorce similar to yours. What does this mean? Stick with getting referrals from people who were divorcing for the same reasons, had children like you, and were generally in the same financial situation as you when they started the divorce proceedings.

Broaden Your Search

Contacting one or two law firms is not going to yield you the results you are looking for. It will only increase the chances of your lawyer deciding midway through the divorce proceedings that they are not qualified to handle your case. When people make a conscious effort to interview several law firms and take their time choosing the turnover rate is virtually non-existent. You can tell when you are interviewing a lawyer whether or not they are feeling your case and want to be on your side. If you are getting nothing but negative vibes then you will know right away to keep looking.

Attorney-Client Partnership

The attorney that you hire should essentially be your partner. For the next several months during your divorce proceedings they will become your better half. Before you begin your search for a family lawyer, take stock of your strengths and weaknesses. Finding an attorney that can complement your personality will serve you best in the long run. It will make for a good partnership because the attorney-client relationships is not one sided. In order for you to get what you want out of your divorce and for your attorney to be able to provide you with positive results, you have to be able to work well together.

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