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Tips on Keeping Your Pantry Bug-Free

Keeping our pantry free from insects such as moths is important if we want to make sure that the basic food staples that we have stored such as grains and spices stay clean and fresh. A weekly trip to the supermarket may not always be possible especially during horrible weather. It is during these times when we can rely on the food items that we have stored in our pantry. Insect infestation, when it is not immediately addressed, can cause more complicated and costly problems in any household.

One of the best ways to the pantry insect free is by using tightly sealed containers. Insects don’t seek out what they can’t smell, which is why using airtight sealed containers is important. Invest in quality containers that can not only keep insects away but also help keep your food items organized. Taping whole dried bay leaves to the sides and bottom of the shelves is also said to keep small insects away. There are also commercially available pantry moth traps that you can buy is you suspect that moth infestation is already in its initial stages.

If your pantry has already been infested by insects, you should take out all of its contents immediately. Inspect the pantry thoroughly and make sure that there aren’t any cracks or holes where insect may hide. Go through all of the food items and throw away those that have already been infested. Wash the shelves with warm water and soap. Containers should also be cleaned thoroughly. You must keep a regular schedule when it comes to inspecting your pantry. This will make sure that insect infestation will never a problem.

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