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Balancing an Online Course With Your Freelance Career: Is It Possible?

Maybe you’ve gotten into a good rhythm with your freelancing career, so output is characteristically high, yet you’re not feeling fatigued. In that case, perhaps you’ve considered earning a degree through an online course, especially if you’re interested in branching out beyond freelancing, or want a diploma that supports your freelance work.

However, you may be feeling uncertain about whether you could handle an additional obligation without letting your clients down. Keep reading to learn about some of the factors that may help answer that question.

Your Ability to Stay Focused

Because freelancing offers so much flexibility, many people find it difficult to stay focused unless they are very self-motivated. If it is frequently hard for you to stay on track when at home and working for a client, the additional responsibilities of an online course may make it increasingly tricky to meet deadlines and satisfy people. However, realize you may experience a newfound focus, especially if you are particularly excited about new opportunities related to the successful completion of an online course.

Support From Others

You should find it easier to handle online courses if family, friends, and clients are in favor of you continuing your education. Unlike traditional courses, online learning opportunities may not allow students to interact face-to-face with classmates. Because of that reality, it is especially important to create a strong support network. That way, if you’re having a rough day and discovering it’s not easy to juggle everything at once, you’ll have a higher likelihood of finding a listening ear, words of encouragement, or just someone to give you a hug.

Willingness to Communicate

Unfortunately, many people fail to reach out for help when they are having trouble with freelance work, online studies, or both. However, successful distance learners who double as freelancers understand how necessary it is to communicate frequently and honestly with clients and teachers.

Perhaps you’re taking a course that allows you to get your master’s in Sport Management through Adelphi, a provider of numerous online degrees. If you’re putting in your best effort and still failing to understand some of the concepts, you may feel extremely frustrated and ready to give up altogether. Usually though, teachers are very understanding and do what they can to help students who are having problems.

It’s also important to be up front with freelance clients about matters relating to your online course, even if that means taking a reduced amount of work so you can still get good grades. You may even find your educational experience makes you more marketable to clients.

If you’re a freelance writer taking a Healthcare Informatics course as an Adelphi student, it’s probably easier than you think to use your knowledge to appeal to mass audiences. Submitting an article about how patients and doctors use apps to connect with each other is a good example.

Balancing a freelancing life with your online coursework isn’t always easy, but it’s usually very rewarding as long as you can stick to a suitable schedule. The insight above could help you determine if an online course is in your future.

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Building Up My Own Personal Library

When I decided to pursue online freelance work a few years ago, I knew that I really have to work hard on developing my skills and learning new ones. I know that having the right mindset and acquiring the necessary skills will allow me to have a successful freelance career. I am taking part in some online classes and webinars and have been reading books and online articles that will help me to push forward and pursue my goal.


One of the important things that I learned from these classes and webinars is to really take the time to read and research. I have always loved reading since I was little and have actually collected a number of books throughout the years. Unfortunately, I lost all of my books when our house burned down over a year ago.

There was an article that was published at that has inspired me to start collecting books again and to build my own library of books at home. I started saving a portion of my online income and set up what I call my ‘education fund’. I decided that I would go to the bookstore every three months or so and buy the books that I need, specifically books that will help me in my personal development and those related to my online work. Books can be quite expensive especially new ones but there are second-hand/thrift shops that sell pre-owned books that are still in good condition so I decided to buy my books from them. (I have also been surfing online for cool guitar straps because our youngest son is planning to buy a guitar from his earnings from his summer job).

These are just some of the books that I’ve bought so far:


I’ll be going back to the bookstore in a month or so and I can’t wait to add more to my collection.

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What You Should Know about Substance Abuse and Addiction in Adolescents

Drug and alcohol abuse at any age can have a variety of negative health effects. For adolescent users, however, the effects can be more severe and possibly longer term. Studies have shown that it is possible the human brain is not developed until around the early to mid-twenties. As a result, any drug use before this time can have developmental effects in addition to the common risks associated with drug abuse. If you suspect an adolescent in your life is abusing drugs or alcohol, it can be imperative to seek treatment, such as from Palm Beach Institute Adolescent Drug Rehab Center, as soon as possible.


How Addiction Works

With most of the controlled substances people use, the draw is in how the drug makes them feel. Chemicals within the substance alter how you perceive your emotions and surroundings by affecting chemicals within the brain. One such chemical is dopamine, which is responsible for providing feelings of happiness and euphoria. Many drugs will either affect the body’s ability to produce or receive the chemical, causing an increase in the euphoric feeling while the effects last. Unfortunately, over time the body will respond to this increase, whether by reducing the number of dopamine receptors or the amount of dopamine produced by the body. As a result, the person must increase the amount of the substance they are using to achieve the desired effect as their tolerance has increased. They may also find that normal situations that would normally cause a release of dopamine naturally, such as winning a game or receiving a good test score, are no longer as satisfying. This is how dependency upon the substance forms, along with fear of withdrawals. In general, it has been found that the younger a person is when they begin substance abuse, the greater risk they have of becoming addicted and for having a relapse later.

Other Negative Effects

Continued drug use can also present a number of serious, possibly long-term effects. In teens, these can include short- and long-term memory problems, brain shrinkage, impaired learning abilities, and impaired reasoning. There may come a time when an adolescent decides to attempt quitting the substance they have become dependent upon. This, however, can prove to be difficult, and even dangerous. Many people may experience some form of withdrawal symptoms. Possible symptoms include tremors, nausea, anxiety, depression, sweating, heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, and vomiting. In serious cases, stroke, heart attack, seizures, hallucinations, or delirium tremens may occur. That is why obtaining treatment from a center specializing in drug rehabilitation, such as the Palm Beach Institute Adolescent Drug Rehab center can be important, as most facilities will have experience in dealing with withdrawal symptoms safely.

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