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Benefits of Online Business Listings

Business directories have many benefits for both consumers and businesses. Consumers rely on online business listings when it comes to finding the right companies that will provide them with the products and services that they need. Through the local business listings, consumers are able to acquire the information that they need about the various manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in their locality. For potential customers who are unfamiliar with the various businesses in their area, these online business listings are great resources of information about what differentiates one business from another. They can search by product/service or by location. Business listings also allow them to easily compare prices, learn which ones offer some of these products and services that they are looking for and help them decide which specific business will be able to meet their needs.

Businesses, on the other hand, get to promote their company and reach out to their target market more effectively when they register at these online business listings. If you have a business and would like to be included on these listings, make sure that you are listed on the category that is relevant to your business so that customers will be able to find you easily. Encourage your customers to leave feedback and ratings so that potential customers would know more about your company and the products and services that you offer. Submit to as many legitimate listings as possible so that you will be able to create a more steady online presence. Doing so will also increase your chances of having your business website rank higher in search results.

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Large Tonnage Chiller Repair at Your Fingertips

If you deal with large tonnage chillers or HVAC equipment, you know how difficult it can be to find someone who specializes in what you need repaired or replaced. However, there are companies like that do several things within the realm of chiller repairs, including renting them. The best thing that your company might do is to train its own technicians in how to deal with the problems that are generally associated with large tonnage chillers. There are a couple of really good ways to do this.

Training Your Team

You have some employees who will be around for as long as you continue to employ them. You probably know who they are and what they are basically capable of. If you have three employees who will be around for the long term and who are capable of learning how to repair mechanical equipment, your best bet to deal with a large tonnage chiller is to get them trained in its maintenance and repair. This can be a perk for them, especially if you send them to a training program. Everyone likes to travel on the company dime and get a bit of per diem.

Benefits to You

The benefits to your company for having three people trained in large tonnage chiller repair and maintenance are that you will always have someone available immediately to take care of any problems that may arise. In disaster preparedness, three is the magic number. While two people might be out of the office or unavailable, that third person will probably be available. It also gives your team another person or two to consult with. People remember different things from different classes. Between the three of them, they will probably remember everything in the class.

Of course, what you are probably most concerned with is saving money over the long run. Imagine how much an emergency call would cost you in time lost on the line and expense in bringing out a repair crew. When you have someone on your team that has been trained, you only have to pay their salary and maybe some over time. Either way, companies like are ready to help.


*This is a guest post provided to LIFE AS A WAHM for its readers.

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Marketing Has Changed – Have You?

Every business needs customers to survive. For many small businesses like yours, getting connected with those customers is harder than they thought. For a solution, they turn to a marketing firm for help with getting their name out there. Advertising is the main way a marketing firm will help a business, but with technology rapidly changing, marketing is undergoing a change. More and more businesses like yours are enlisting the help of internet marketing companies like to help them get a hold of customers using the web.

Changing Trends in Marketing

Traditional advertising is very beneficial for a company; so many brands become household names thanks to repetitive ad campaigns and commercials. But will commercial or print advertising help you get your smaller business off the ground? You can run commercials locally and spend your entire marketing budget in one fell swoop, or you can diversify your marketing and get better results online.

Search Engine Explosion

The reason that internet marketing has exploded recently is because marketers have caught on to a simple fact: people nowadays rely on search engines for almost everything. Marketers figured out that if they can get their clients to the top of the search results page, more people are going to end up on their client’s site. And you don’t have to stress if you don’t have a webpage for your business yet; most marketers offer to build and maintain one for you, or will contract with a web developer to build it.

How Does It Work?

It’s all very complicated, but search engines like Google configure their search results using formulas and web crawlers with specific programming. These web crawlers literally crawl the web looking for websites that meet the criteria, and that’s how they figure out which sites should end up on the list.

Here is where the internet marketing comes into play: you’ve noticed that search results tend to number into the millions, right? So if you’re a drycleaner in Toledo and have a website, you will be on that search results list as long as someone searches for a drycleaner. But will your website be on the first couple of pages, or on page 123? Not too many searchers look past the first couple of pages, so if you’re not up at the top, you’re not going to get the traffic. Companies like use their strategies to tweak your website so that those web crawlers will pay more attention to it. And when your business is noticed by the search engines, it ends up being noticed by a lot more people than if you ran an ad on TV.


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