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Building Up My Own Personal Library

When I decided to pursue online freelance work a few years ago, I knew that I really have to work hard on developing my skills and learning new ones. I know that having the right mindset and acquiring the necessary skills will allow me to have a successful freelance career. I am taking part in some online classes and webinars and have been reading books and online articles that will help me to push forward and pursue my goal.


One of the important things that I learned from these classes and webinars is to really take the time to read and research. I have always loved reading since I was little and have actually collected a number of books throughout the years. Unfortunately, I lost all of my books when our house burned down over a year ago.

There was an article that was published at that has inspired me to start collecting books again and to build my own library of books at home. I started saving a portion of my online income and set up what I call my ‘education fund’. I decided that I would go to the bookstore every three months or so and buy the books that I need, specifically books that will help me in my personal development and those related to my online work. Books can be quite expensive especially new ones but there are second-hand/thrift shops that sell pre-owned books that are still in good condition so I decided to buy my books from them. (I have also been surfing online for cool guitar straps because our youngest son is planning to buy a guitar from his earnings from his summer job).

These are just some of the books that I’ve bought so far:


I’ll be going back to the bookstore in a month or so and I can’t wait to add more to my collection.

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Book Haul

A major bookstore had their warehouse sale two weeks ago and we were able to go there on the last day of the sale. Huge discounts of up to 80% were being given and they were given even for new releases, not just the old books. I have been meaning to buy some reference books for the kids and some self-help and marketing books (which can be very expensive) which is why I made sure that we were able to go to the warehouse sale. Aside from some reference books, the kids are also looking forward to buying some school supplies while the husband wants to buy some art supplies.

Here’s a photo of the books that we bought that day:


There were a lot of people that day since it was a weekend and the last day of sale, but fortunately, the kids were very patient in scouring the whole place for the books and supplies that they want. We paid around 1,200php (that’s about 27USD) for all of them including two gadget binders, two wooden flutes and USB/Memory card reader. The computer books and manga books are for our eldest while our youngest chose a novel, a reference book and the flute. Hubby chose to buy a flute, the gadget binder and some art supplies. Our youngest was particularly excited about the flute because it was indeed a great steal since it was being offered at a 70% discount rate. He said he will be watching some online tutorials so that he will learn the basics of playing the flute. Although he is more keen on buying a new guitar, similar to the lx1e at guitar center he saw online, he is also excited about his new flute because they have been studying about them in school as well. He also plans on watching video tutorials online so that he will learn how to play the flute during his free time (which is more likely after his exams two weeks from now). Anyway, I am very happy with our purchases (even though I wasn’t able to buy the marketing books that I want) because we were able to buy some great reading materials and of course, availed of some huge discount.

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In My Mailbox : Freebies and Postcards


I received a couple of postcards today! This is a particularly eventful day for us because aside from a box full of skin care products, there were also a couple of postcards (eight to be exact). They were sent by Postcrossing members from New Zealand, Germany, Brazil, Malaysia, Belarus, The Netherlands and two from Russia. I am indeed one happy Postcrosser!


Last week, I received a book (shipped through The Book Depository); a prize from a book giveaway.


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