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Goal Check

When we started getting busy with a number of things here at home (the kids’ enrollment, making sure that they have everything that they need for school, etc), I knew that I wouldn’t have that much time to blog. Although I was still able to stay updated on what’s happening online, I couldn’t find the time to update my blogs. Although I din’t plan on going on a hiatus, I must say that I ‘m glad that I took break because it has a been awhile since I had one (the last one was after I had surgery over three years ago).

The break also allowed me to think about what I want to do particularly with want I want to do to increase my earning potential online. Earning from home is something that I want to do full time and I know that in order to have a stable online career that will allow me to earn more, I will have to work really hard on acquring the knowledge and skills that are necessary. I started exploring the different possibilities that are out there. I realized that I if want things to change/to get better, change would have to start with me. I have actually set new goals for myself and I am really excited about it. I also realized that in order to realize these goals, I would  have to make sure that I have all the necessary tools that I need. Having the right mindset is important which is why I have started viewing videos and reading books and blogs that will help me develop a positive mental attitude. I have also started taking online classes that will allow me to acquire the skills that I will need for the online career that I want to pursue. My excitement about this new phase in my life has actually inspired my kids to set new goals for themselves as well. My youngest wants to have a better ranking in class that he has been studying extra hard for their upcoming exams. He has also expressed his interest in taking music classes next summer. He said we may have to save for a musical instrument such as a guitar or a drum set. Whatever their goals may be, I told them that we provide them with all the assistance and support that they need. I also reminded them that  they have to make a ‘goal check’ from time to time, to see whether they are still on the right track towards their goal. Anyway, I pray that everything goes well; I know that major changes will happen if I am able to achieve my ‘new’ goals. Wish me luck!

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Revising my Schedule

I have been constantly frustrated with our internet connection these past couple of days, because it has become noticeably slow particularly at night. I was supposed to  edit some photos for a blog post last night but the connection was too slow that uploading them takes too much time; I wasn’t able to accomplish anything at all last night. My son was also planning to do some programming exercises online but since the connection was slow, he decided to do them this weekend instead.

Anyway, instead of being frustrated about something that I can’t do anything about, I decided to just revise my schedule instead. Those tasks that need to be done online would have to be finished by midday while those that do not require internet access will have to be scheduled at night. If my children need to do some school work online or just browse on some websites that they want including the one that has the la patrie guitar that they are interested in, I would just remind them to attend to them earlier. I have also been meaning to read some books and it looks like I may be able to finally have the time to read them. I just want to make sure that no matter how challenging things may become, I still manage to be as productive as I can be.

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Back to Work

Although it has been a week since our family vacation, I am still struggling with getting back into the ‘groove’ of things, particularly with all my online tasks. When we arrived home Friday night, I thought that I only needed the following weekend to get the rest I needed to be ready for work this week. Apparently, I’m wrong …lol. The moment that I opened my computer  last Monday and saw the number of emails that I have to go through (apparently, being offline for 4 days is synonymous to hundreds of unread emails), I  was immediately looking for other less ‘stressful’ things to do. So when my husband asked me to organize all the photos that we took during the vacation, I was more than willing to do it. Sorting through the photos has been fun actually, we each have different stories about them , about the people and the places that we visited. When we saw the photo of the different business establishments that line up along the beach, my husband and I ended up having a discussion about the different strategies that these businesses employ that allow them to stand out since they are basically offering the same products and services. When we were walking along the long stretch of massage clinics, for instance, those that have eye-catching signs are the ones that are most likely to attract the attention of tourists. They must have found a reputable printing company who will print yard signs, business signs and promotional materials that they could use to attract potential customers the most. We actually availed of a back massage from one that handed out simple but detailed flyers.

Anyway, I am making an effort to get back to the groove of things; I have decided to tackle all my tasks one at a time so that I wouldn’t get overwhelmed (in fact, I have just finished going through all my unread emails). I am making progress so I am happy with that.

Have a happy weekend.

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