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Fix Your Own Car with Used Car Parts

Car repairs can be expensive. In fact, many times the price you pay is not worth the actual final cost. In addition, it takes time out of your day to drop the car off and wait for the repairs to get done. If you have knowledge about cars and the skills to work on your car by yourself, there is a better way to get your car fixed without having to go to a repair shop. Just do it yourself. You might be thinking that it’s not worth the hassle because the car parts will still be expensive. Well, if you are OK with using car parts that have been used before but are still in good condition, you can get them for a lot cheaper than you might think. If you live in Florida, do some research and find a company that has used car parts in Florida, and one that is in your area. You will probably find that you can save hundreds of dollars.

Fixing Your Own Car

The important thing about getting used car parts is that you need to know what you are doing. Don’t think that you can just work on your car yourself if you have never actually worked on a car before. If you have a friend or family member that knows how to work on cars, you might have them either do the work for you or at the very least be there to show you how it’s done. If you don’t know what you’re doing, instead of repairing your car, you might just end up damaging it.

How It Works

When you find a company that has used car parts in Florida, go there and just follow the rules. Bring your own tools and let the attendant see them so he or she knows you didn’t steal them. Find a car that has the part you are looking for and go ahead and take it out. Then, as you’re leaving, show the attendant the part, buy it, and you are on your way. It’s pretty much as simple as that.



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Preventing Auto Repair: How to Change Your Own Oil

Auto repair in Traverse City, or wherever you live, can be expensive, especially if you have a vehicle that has specialized parts. But, whatever vehicle you drive, one thing that can cut down on auto repair is great auto maintenance. Regularly changing you oil is an essential element in your maintenance schedule which will prolong engine life and help prevent costly repairs. While many people opt to have their oil changed at the service station, changing the oil on your vehicle is something you may want to do for yourself. Performing your own oil changes can save you upwards of ten dollars each time it needs doing, so the savings can really add up.

A Quick Primer on How to Change the Oil in Your Car

Before you begin, you will need to purchase the right kind of oil and the correct oil filter. Your car’s maintenance manual will give you this information, and if not, your local auto parts store will be most helpful. Once you have the needed oil and filter, you will also need to pick up an oil filter wrench. This tool will help you loosen the old oil filter and remove it in order to replace it with the new one. Next, you will need to purchase a container to capture the oil as it drains. Also, depending on the type of vehicle you have, you may need to invest in a couple of wheel ramps and some wheel chocks to lift and stabilize your vehicle during the oil change. Talk to your auto parts store about these needs. Now that you have everything, changing the oil is a cinch.

1. Position your vehicle so that you have access to the oil pan beneath the vehicle. Remove the oil cap in the engine. Slide the oil capturing container under the oil pan, and then undo the bolt in the base of the pan to let the oil drain out.

2. Once the oil is completely drained, use the filter wrench to loosen and remove the filter. Be aware that the filter will be full of the old oil. Pour the contents of the filter into the capturing container.

3. Next, smear some of the new oil around the seal on the new filter, and then screw the new filter into place.

4. Replace the bolt in the oil pan, and then fill the car with the right amount of oil as prescribed by the car manual.

5. Lastly, take the old oil in the container to your local auto parts store where it can be disposed of correctly.

While your initial investment purchasing the right materials to effectively change the oil in your car may be expensive, the overall savings can add up the longer you continue to change the oil. Certainly, you will need the occasional auto repair in Traverse City, or wherever you live, but you can be assured that it was not caused by lack of maintenance.

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Unique Advantages to Window Tint Jobs

Have you ever finished your shopping, walked through the hot parking lot, unlocked your car door, and got inside only to be greeted by burning seats and a searing steering wheel? If you are an Austin resident, chances are you experience that most days. This is because Austin is home to a majority of sunny days every single year. Daily sunlight exposure can make your car’s interior temperature extremely uncomfortable. It can also be very hard to combat these conditions. You may try to always park in the shade to avoid the sun, but finding a shady parking spot can be almost impossible some days, and the shade can quickly disappear after you’ve left your car, leaving your car to heat up in the sun. You may then try to crank the air conditioning to cool down your vehicle, but it can take a long time for an air conditioner to pump out cool air, and it can then take even longer for that cool air to have any effect on the interior temperature. If you are looking for another method for cooling your vehicle, you may want to look into window tinting. In Austin, TX, window tint jobs can offer some unique advantages in vehicle cooling.


Comfort and Cost Reduction of Window Tinting

In Austin, TX, window tint jobs can increase your comfort and decrease some of your vehicle costs. Window tinting works to prevent the sun’s rays from heating up the interior of your car, which means that tinting not only maintains the interior temperature of your vehicle at a comfortable level, but also eliminates the need to use air conditioning to reduce your vehicle’s temperature. Reducing your air conditioning use can save you a lot of money in gas costs. At the same time, tinting also prevents damage to your vehicle’s interior features like your dashboard, steering wheel, etc., by blocking out harmful UV rays. In this way, tinting also saves you maintenance costs by preventing this kind of damage and keeps your vehicle looking great. In Austin,  TX, window tint are a wonderful method for maintaining comfort and decreasing costs in your vehicle.


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