Motorcycles – Better for Gas Mileage, Environment, and Independence

You have choices when it comes to purchasing just the right motorcycle for your travel pleasure. You can go with style, speed, and comfort, but in order to choose, you may have to do a little research into companies that make and sell motorcycles like the Triumph in Charlottesville. A motorcycle is not just purchased for moving from point A to point B. There are usually other considerations. To find out what concerns you have and what questions you should ask, you really need to talk to someone who knows about motorcycles.

Gas Mileage

The sad thing is that many people look at motorcyclists as the rebels of the transportation world. Movies like Rebel Without a Cause and shows like Sons of Anarchy have given the mainstream public the idea that people who ride motorcycles are antisocial, violent types who have no real ambitions beyond their small world. However, the one thing that four wheels cannot touch in a two wheeler is the gas mileage.

Environmental Concerns

If everyone switched to a motorcycle or moped, the United States would have fewer problems with environmental damage due to the use of gas. Not only would the proliferation of motorcycles make for better air quality, it would also make for less dependence on foreign oil and help eliminate the need for the refining of dangerous fossil fuel sources like tars sands and oil shale.

The Price Is Right

Because of the type of mileage that motorcycles get, the demand for gas would go down, and in a capitalist society, that means that the price for gasoline will go down. Equipping everyone with a motorcycle like a Triumph from Charlottesville would help out on so many levels. People could leave their cars at home, pay less for gas and still get to where they need to go. In some African countries, the only real mode of transportation is a moped called a jibijin. People double up, put on their safety gear and head out into the city for a night on the town, and no one worries about helmet hair because everyone has it.


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